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Improved support for git worktrees. Updated fuzzaldrin-plus across a few packages to get better fuzzy path searching. Improved file rename detection in the watchPath API. Initial support for a new Atom project file format. Package authors can now control the order of context menu items. Chromium 56's "system-ui" generic font family is now used to load platform-specific system fonts.

User interface polish 57 reference manual 16161 replication and binary logging option and variable reference typingscroll wheel scalingand editor text rendering. Fixed an issue where panes sometimes do not fill available space. Syntax grammar updates for language-javalanguage-javascriptlanguage-phpand language-yaml. All Changes Atom Core 1. Support greatly improved syntax highlighting and code folding with a next-generation parsing system called tree-sitter.

See the pull request for details about opting in to try it out. Dialogs launched with the Atom API, including confirm and savemay now be asynchronous. Add a callback to 57 reference manual 16161 replication and binary logging option and variable reference. Python language support is being overhauled substantially and now supports function annotationsasync functionsstring formattingf-stringsand binary strings.

The GitHub package has a configuration setting to control automatic hard-wrapping of commit messages composed in the mini-editor. The GitHub package's diff view no longer scrolls when it shouldn't. Filemode changes and changes to symlinks are shown and handled properly by git operations.

Duplicate snippet keys are an error and prevent the loading of erroneous user snippets. The spell-check package supports an excludedScopes setting to prevent spellchecking from being performed on specific grammatical constructs.

Window dimensions are saved on resize rather than blur, which improves reliability. Some TextEditor settings may be preserved when the language mode changes. Enable snippets within strings and comments. TypeScript files with a. Fixed an issue where panes could not be dragged into closed docks. All Changes Atom Core v1. Restore column position after editor: Automatically scroll to the cursor position after folding or unfolding text. Text editor elements support a readonly attribute. Create language packages with package-generator.

Toggling line comments now correctly uses spaces or tabs based on settings. Building and rendering the command palette 57 reference manual 16161 replication and binary logging option and variable reference now perceptibly faster.

Add support for font-display language-go v0. Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to use jQuery DOM objects as tooltips https: Fixed a bug that caused errors when using sub-word motion commands in vim-mode-plus https: Added a setting to highlight the line number in the gutter when matching brackets.

Markdown preview panes no longer reset their scroll position to the top when the source is saved. Added a setting for maximum line length before soft wrapping is enforced. Numerous bug fixes to bundled language grammar packages. Changed autocomplete-plus default provider to compute suggestions natively and on a separate thread. Skip over tag attributes when selecting inside tags encoding-selector v0. New filesystem watcher API to unify implementations and conserve system resources.

More PR timeline events and build status are now available in the GitHub pane. MacOS native tabs are now supported. Restored Atom's ASAR archive to improve to improve performance in several scenarios, most notably installation on Windows. Lots of language-specific grammar improvements, including the addition of TypeScript.

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Today were kicking off a two-part blog post that describes our vulnerability mitigation strategy and provides a technical deep-dive into some of the major security improvements that are coming to Microsoft Edge in the Creators Update of Windows 10.

The Microsoft Edge security team employs a layered, data-driven defense strategy that focuses investments at key points along the kill-chain that attackers follow when exploiting vulnerabilities. In this way, we try to counter the classic asymmetry between attackers and defenders, e. where attackers only need to find one good security issue whereas defenders need to ensure there are none. This helps to spoil the recipes that attackers prefer to use when trying to transform a vulnerability into a way of running code on a device.