East Bay International Trade

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Provide services for US based companies to assist in exporting products abroad. Specific services include export readiness assessments, market research for selected countries and industries, market entry strategies, development of an international marketing plan and coordination classes on options trading in the east bay ca foreign country business meeting program. Pricing for services vary.

World Trade Center Northern California Facilitates local Northern California businesses to enter into the global market by connecting businesses to foreign trade offices, collaborating with other world trade center organizations and providing networking opportunities worldwide. Specific business related export programs help companies expand globally, match with other business and perform trade missions. Richard Sayombo,soyombo smccd. Topics covered during the events include marketing assistance, international transactions, overseas relationships, custom brokers and international financing.

The unit works with small and medium sized businesses in developing markets abroad. Silicon Valley Trade Council A local trade consortium to promote businesses internationally with companies located in the Bay Area.

Specific services include licensing, channel expansion and general commerce. Pallab Chatterjee, Founder, pallab svtradecouncil. Small Business Administration - Export Assitance Centers Provides export assistance for small to medium sized businesses to achieve worldwide commercial viability.

Commercial Service, Deparment of Commerce Oakland Export Assistance Center Federal Department of Commerce function that uses a global network of embassies and consulates to provide export assistance to companies. Specifically, the organization connects US companies with international buyers, provides market intelligence, trade consulting, business matchmaking and commercial diplomacy support.

Port of Oakland Provides an array of connections to export professionals focusing classes on options trading in the east bay ca packing and crating, financing, export engineering, government export assistance and logistics.

The agency provides 10 committees to review trade policies and regulations. International trade compliance professionals benefit by providing information on government regulations and data analysis of import, export, security and product safety. The agency focuses on improving standards of conduct and services, highlighting innovations in the industry and alerting members of trends or regulatory changes.

Debbie Edwards, President, P. BoxSan Francisco, CA, info cbfanc. Member organization with affiliates and provides services for classes on options trading in the east bay ca forwarding, customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries and air cargo agents. The agency closely watches legislation and regulatory issues that affect members. Provides services for packing, crating and logistics.

The company specializes in innovative design, cost effective production and transportation worldwide. Provide financing access to large and small exporting businesses. The bank works with lenders and brokers to provide the financial assistance to companies. Samuel Hartwell, One-stop permitting centers operating in the East Bay are an outgrowth of this effort EDA resolves Port of Oakland channel dredging impasse by convening and building consensus among fishermen, conservation groups, shipping interests, and others to use spoils from dredging the channel 42 feet deep to create wetlands EDA continued support to dredge the Port of Oakland to 50 feet, enabling the newest and largest container ships to make deliveries directly from Asia and shorten the supply chain This effort resulted in recommendations for relocation options for transportation and distribution facilities supporting the Port This resulted in Union Pacific expanding its tunnels in the Sierra Nevada that enables service by double-stacked rail cars and reduces delays caused by avalanches EDA helped Miles Inc.

EDA supported Kaiser Permanente with various site alternatives analyses to establish site requirements and evaluate alternatives for a new medical center in the Oakland-Emeryville area EDA initiated a series of international business retention and marketing trade missions that eventually include Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China EDA played a large role in rescuing the existence of Classes on options trading in the east bay ca by volunteering to staff this entity when state staffing and fiscal support was lost.

EDA coordinate its state marketing presence at industry tradeshows, ad campaigns, and online for three years until TeamCalifornia restructured to support and sustain itself classes on options trading in the east bay ca Years after the Loma Prieta earthquake, EDA worked with the city of Oakland, Citizens for Emergency Relief Team, and Caltrans on behalf of businesses relocating or otherwise impacted by the reconstruction of the Cypress freeway to resolve differences and reach an agreement on fair market compensation East Bay International Trade.

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Colleges and trade schools in California can give you the advantage of learning valuable career skills in one of the world's most prosperous and exciting regions. This state is where millions of driven yet laid-back people interact and create bright futures for themselves.

And it can be the place where you can start working toward your own success. Plus, you don't have to worry about asking questions like, "Are there any colleges near me? It's easy to explore the colleges, universities, and trade schools in California that offer practical and convenient training.

Look through the options below, or pinpoint a school by searching with your zip code right now! You might already know that California, with over 38 million people, has a larger population than any other state in America. In , the state had the world's eighth-largest economy with a GDP worth over two trillion dollars. That's good news for aspiring professionals across many different fields and locations. From the culturally rich cities of Northern California to the warm and lively cities of Southern California, this state has some of the most intriguing career settings on Earth.

And the even better news is that students here don't have to spend very long in school in order to find respected and good-paying opportunities. In fact, by , the state is expected to experience a significant shortage of professionals with credentials that take less than four years to earn. California may need as many as 1. Up to 36 percent of the jobs are likely to require people with the marketable skills that often come with such credentials.

Check out five of the sectors most likely to generate new employment possibilities:. The number of older Californians is growing rapidly. For instance, between and , the population of residents aged 65 to 74 is projected to increase by more than 60 percent. Here are some others:. You won't find many other places on Earth with California's density of creative and technology-minded visionaries.

This state is where Steve Jobs became a global icon. But Apple is just one example of numerous well-known companies from the Golden State. Others include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The list goes on and on. Clearly, Silicon Valley is world-famous for driving technological innovation.

And Hollywood is the obvious center of the film industry. With these two powerhouse regions serving as major economic anchors, plenty of opportunities are generated for professionals with artistic, design, programming, or other computer-related talents.

Check out the numbers: California's creative sectors employ about two million people. And over 25 percent of the state's exports come from the computer and electronics industry. With economic growth comes the need for new construction and repair and expansion of physical infrastructure.

And that results in good opportunities for skilled tradespeople in a variety of areas. The trades already produce a big chunk of California's jobs. For example, in February of , more than , people were employed in construction, and over 2. Plus, it's hard to ignore the possibilities related to auto repair.

Californians drive a lot—on average, more than 40 miles every day in alone. That's a lot of wear and tear put on vehicles by about 24 million licensed drivers. Few other states attract as many visitors as California. In alone, about 17 million people visited from foreign countries. They come for the sun, the beautiful beaches, the famous theme parks, the distinctive shopping opportunities, the old-growth forests, the wineries, and many other popular attractions.

This state is simply packed with unique things to do and see. For example, many tourists love driving the scenic Pacific Coast Highway and dining in charming restaurants along the way. Others enjoy exploring California's wilderness areas such as Sequoia National park.

What it all means is that tourism is a major creator of jobs in California. In fact, in , tourist spending directly supported almost , jobs. About , of them were in the category of accommodations and culinary services. California's economy is incredibly diverse. Every industry needs professionals with such abilities. In February , more than , Californians were employed in the financial sector, and over 2. Department of Labor , website last visited on April 12, Training Allied Workers , website last visited on April 21, Find a School Near You: Please enter a valid zip code.

Find a California School. General Management Golf Professional. Find a School Near You. Classroom Type Campus Online Both. Area of Study [Choose an Area of Study]. Program [Choose a Program].