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Battling with a locked account with funds still in it - at least there should be funds still in it. These guys have been trading with my funds after they locked my account.

I think they forgot that i still get the email notifications on trade statuses or maybe they just don't care. I have also been getting bad feedback on CT Options. I have to agree with LOTZ on this one that letting a broker trade your account is a recipe for disaster. Lotz where did you get this guys pic from? This just means that they are incorporated and managed in England but not licensed to offer Binary Options in that country or any where else. I think a lot of these brokers try to incorporate to give a misleading perception to potential investors.

Richard from Hawaii here to leave an honest review of ct option binary broker review ctoption company and right now I am looking for anyone who can help us solve this problem with ctoption. My sister was told she had a risk free account and that at the end of 2 weeks she would be able to withdraw her moneyw with no problem via a phone conversation with a Laura Martin. We were both assured that we would have no problems. Now they ct option binary broker review told her that she can't withdraw her profits and she would be penalized to withdraw her money which was originally told to her that she would be able to withdraw her money with no penalties.

After using their software it lags like crazy when making trades, and the price that you confirm with the software moves with the actual entry point which causes major potential losses for anyone using their platform. Any advice on how to get our money back?

Ct option binary broker review let us know thanks. Brown" then magically seeing their account blown all of a sudden when before they were very profitable and had just requested a withdrawal. Funny how the replicator pops up on their accounts right after they wish to withdraw profits?

Again this guy is ct option binary broker review a hired broker troll due to many spammers posting from his geographic location as I have noted and tracked in the past Far too many complaints about this broker Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: February edited February in Brokers. This is to anyone thinking of joining CT Options.

They did that twice to me. I trade off of candlesticks, so this particular trade was based on 5 minute candle, for a 5 minute trade. So in my particular case, I purchased a PUT option because I thought the next 5 minute candle was going to go down. And I was right. However, the last 5 seconds on the platform the price shot up, and took me out of the money and I lost. He basically said theres nothing they could do. I left it on for the night.

I ct option binary broker review that replicator off and left the other 2 on. I ct option binary broker review those 2 on ct option binary broker review a few more days, and as I was busy with work, i didn't check on them. I wasn't surprised, and luckily it was money I could lose.

Ct option binary broker review days later, I email Alex Moreno to see what the status of my withdrawal was. He said I had no money in my account to withdraw! He hasn't responded to the past 3 emails so this is the best I can do for now. For those who think this might be a fake review, then you can add me on Facebook - Huzaifa Farooq. I had a trading group, which I no longer manage due to work commitments. For all ct option binary broker review, you can PM me, I will respond. I can send screenshots of conversations, and screenshots that I sent Alex Moreno, which he didn't respond to.

Thanks and hope people see this before depositing with CT Option. Has any one had experience with ctoption? Are they safe with withdrawals? January edited January I recommend you don't touch CToptionsthey are one of the brokers featured in my new "How to avoid Binary Options Scams. I will throw them a bone as I do not have alot of negative feedback on them outside of this, but still I would be very cautious and maybe in time they will prove themselves This was taken from forex peace army.

This is why I don't touch brokers that trade for clients. Ct option binary broker review soon as they do that they go into the blacklist of scumbags BDB is 1 on this list and likely all other brokers learned this game from them I didn't I told him that I don't have more. February edited February You can thank SpotOption for sponsoring all ct option binary broker review these guys with horrible behavior towards ct option binary broker review clients The turnover in these brokers is very high so they cross pollute the binary options industry.

Worse is when a company like Ctoptions takes it to another platform with the same scam mentality to rip clients off Thats funny shit love the video smile:. March edited March Anything goes wrong let me know. You should be ok as long as you don't allow any brokers to trade your account. If you do then kiss your hand to God or Budda and say goodbye to your money. Then again if anything goes wrong with regulated firms you are likely toast still.

I can't imagine looking for protection from Cypriote sheep molesters We don't "vouch" for them. We don't recommend any platform. We can only state that our members have been very well taken care of and any issues that popped up were taken care of. Withdrawals are fast and not many platforms will refund trades plus profit when technical issues may arise.

All of that said, as Lotz mentioned, no regulation so as always "use at your own risk". Any SP users have any issues let us know and we'll help out. April edited April Yes I should have pointed that out and not grouped them ct option binary broker review the spotOscambaggers. This is demonstrated by them hidding their brokers in the trade replicator to churn and burn clients.

They produce a bunch of great stats then woooosh one day your account is gone, gee wonder why that happened lol. Other then that I like their payouts and panda platform if only they did not pull the other crap I would recommend them straight out May edited May The firm is run by this ct option binary broker review from guess where. Also note the guy made up that name or else he was abused as child Of course all of them do that. They all seem to wish they were from the UK or the U.

Man never seen a country so disliking of itself as Israeli's are. That kind of says alot, especially about ethics in general. It was not hard to find here is an article with him. Still I don't for a moment believe that is his real name. These people are born liars in every way shape and form. Yeah while I never lump an entire country together as one. Lately I agree the conduct says it all. Fake company, quite a few people told me about price manipulation and awful experience on the replicator.

I wanted to believe in the message of that article so bad when I read it 1st but if this keeps up I may have to join your band. Get George West on spot, Heard last that people having trouble with CT getting saved by this guy who seems to be the "nice" face of that company.

June edited June And you're actually here promoting your own business. I don't think CTOption is a real binary options trading firm.

I think they are comic book characters or at least work for those tabloid magazines you see in the store checkout lines, because for sure nothing they say is even remotely connected to reality in any shape or form You kunt bag it is not my business though if Ryan would like to hand it over to us that would be nice For some reason don't think he would go for that Whats funny is they are ct option binary broker review these guys to write these reviews.

Ct option binary broker review that is funny I wonder how much they get paid for reviews like that? July edited July I have had several conversations on the phone with her and she is pretty much telling me the same thing, try it out for two weeks and if I decide to go forward and can withdraw the profits with no problem.

I am was very close to making the deposit for 5k, until I came across your post.

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