Forex High Low scalping Strategy

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The weekly high and low break out strategy is one of the simplest and easy to understand. When combined with other elements, such as price action and the overall trend of the market, traders will be able to trade at ease without overcrowding their charts with tons of indicators.

The weekly high low break out method is not a new technique and is widely used by members of the trading community. What can make this method really profitable is when you apply your knowledge to the markets.

Thus, simply buying and selling on the break out might not yield profitable results all the time. However, this can be improved when you use it in combination with your own trading experience.

Forex previous day high low strategy strategy allows traders to bring their own analysis skills which can be used in addition to the method. The chart above shows the 4-hour chart time frame. In the 9-weeks that we see in the above chart we can see that there have been four profitable trades with two losing trades and three weeks of no trade at all.

This method can be further tweaked by using price action methods and also understanding the broader market ex: As mentioned earlier, this trading strategy is not suitable for all traders, especially beginners. Traders need to have some experience of the markets and most importantly build familiarity with the price action methods of trading.

Understanding the fundamentals in the market can be of great value addition as it can help you to understand if you are correctly positioned in the market or not. John has over 8 years of experience specializing in the currency markets, tracking the macroeconomic and geopolitical developments shaping the financial markets.

John applies a mix of fundamental and technical analysis and has a special interest in inter-market analysis and global politics. Trading the weekly high low break out As the strategy suggests, we stick to the 4-hour chart time frame with the period separators on the MT4 trading platform. Forex previous day high low strategy chart gives you the weekly price action.

The charts are typically prepared on a Sunday and this can give a lot of time to traders to analyze the various markets and pick the trades that forex previous day high low strategy more potential. Due to the fact that the markets are closed over the weekends, traders are also prone to less distraction. Once forex previous day high low strategy 4-hour chart is set up with the weekly period separators, the next step is to plot the high and low forex previous day high low strategy the previous week.

This can be done by making use of the horizontal line tool from the MT4 platform. When you have an idea of how the previous week has closed, you can then pick out the trades that have the most potential. It is always best to wait for the first day Monday to close and then prepare to go long or short in the market. In other words, wait for the first four H4 candles after which you can trade using this method.

Stops can be placed at the key pivot high and low points. Who can benefit from this rather simple approach to trading? Visited times, 14 visits today. Subscribe to Orbex Blog.

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Choosing a forex trading strategy that can be robust and offer you consistent profits, but is simple at the same time, can be tricky. Before going into the details of this trading strategy, it is smart to open a demo trading account, so you can practice the strategy until you master it. Traders often tend to make the mistake of believing a successful forex trading strategy needs to be complex.

This myth partly comes from high frequency trading, quants and other such terms. These are specialized sections of trading that focus on building the ultimate trading strategy to yield profits.

Still, if you dig a bit deeper, and especially look at history, you will find that some of the most successful traders, be it in stocks, forex or futures, have used a very simple trading strategy.

Rewind to a few decades ago when trading and chart analysis was mostly relegated to paper, and with no computers, traders of that era had to rely on making trading simple.

There have been quite a few successful traders, and a complex trading system was definitely not what they followed. While any trading strategy can be applied, irrespective of the forex broker, traders need to consider the spreads, swaps, margin requirements and so on. These often-overlooked aspects are actually the basis of a successful trading strategy. Most of the forex brokers offer leverage up to 1: The brokers mostly differ by the size of spreads, and traders are naturally interested in tighter spreads.

One of the advantages of trading currency pairs is that traders can use very high leverage. This also means traders can start with small positions, such as 0.

Thus, spreads are low, and you can take advantage of the volatility. Make sure to have the period separators enabled on your MT4. Once you have the price levels, the next step is to wait for this level to be breached.

This is where it gets interesting. We look for a strong bullish or bearish candlestick that will break the high or the low levels of the previous day.

In the above chart, you have two scenarios. The first scenario to the left is incorrect price action. This is the right set up and can be traded. Now that we understand how to identify the right candlestick and price action, the next step is to look at how to take long and short positions.

The trading rules are simple. After you identify this candlestick pattern on the 1-hour chart, take a long position on the next candle open. Set your stop loss to the previous candle low and target a 1: Stops were set on the low, and a 1: Thus, a short position is taken here, and with a 1: The trading strategy outlined offers a good system to trade.

To be a successful forex trader, you need to be patient and wait for the right moment to enter a trade. Trading the breakouts is a very simple pattern, and traders can use it to profit on the forex markets. If you are willing to trade based on the breakout method, it is ideal to make at least 30 trades before you analyse whether this strategy works for you.

You can also post your strategy outcomes in the comments below. Skip to main content. Day's breakout forex trading strategy - How to profit You are here Home. The easiest way to trade breakouts is by setting your strategy on a Meta Trader platform. Trading capital and leverage While any trading strategy can be applied, irrespective of the forex broker, traders need to consider the spreads, swaps, margin requirements and so on. Thus, the setup is invalidated. Long and short positions Now that we understand how to identify the right candlestick and price action, the next step is to look at how to take long and short positions.

Comments by traders The trading strategy outlined offers a good system to trade.