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I know how to make and sell software online, and I can share my tips with you. Distributing applications on Linux is hard. Sure, with modern package management, installing software is easy. But if you are distributing an application, you probably need one Windows version, plus umpteen different versions for Linux. In this article, we'll create a dummy application that targets the following operating systems, which are commonly used in business environments: It fails to start on many of the above platforms, due to missing libraries.

The sample application The sample application is called plookup download source and all binaries. It runs from the command line and takes a hostname, looks it up and prints out the IP address. Ignoring the security flaws, it has several monkey wrenches thrown in that make it hard to port to different versions of linux: In theory, distributing source code seems to be an easy way to get make statically linkedin binary trading the problem, assuming your end user 1 has administrative access, 2 can install a compiler 2 knows how to run a configure script, 3 has the technical knowledge to interpret the output of a configure script and download the appropriate dependencies, 4 has technical expertise to resolve conflicts in library versions.

In other words, it's a completely unreasonable solution for software written for normal human beings. Building on Windows With the appropriate build flags, you can produce software on Windows 7 that will run on all versions of windows since Windows By defining WINVER and some other macros, you'll be warned at compile time if you're using a feature that will break your program on earlier versions. But see what happens when you try to create a statically linked version of plookup: Using 'gethostbyname' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking It defeats the purpose.

The warning isn't kidding, either. Your app might run fine for months, then all it takes is one update and it will crash. Even if you didn't use any socket functions, you might have other problems. If you statically link using the GNU compiler, then according to the L-GPL you have to also distribute your object files so the end-user can possibly re-link them to another version of the C libraries that they could have modified.

Because your customers love hacking on strcat in their spare time. Dynamic Linking I built and tested the sample application on many different platforms.

This table summarizes the results of the experiment. If you build on a system with one version, your application will only run on systems which have that library. That makes Ubuntu 6. But I had some problems using the rest of their toolchain: It's not clear what you have to download to use their toolchain. It's not clear how to use their toolchain Hint: It's a wrapper around gcc Their toolchain doesn't work with recent versions of gcc Once I finally found a distribution that would work with the lsb tools, it did not produce a portable application.

I spent six hours on LSB one weekend and gave up. Its development has recently been taken over by the GCC team. If you liked this you'll love: Steve Hanov makes a living working on Rhymebrain. He lives in Waterloo, Canada. You have missed a solution patchelf and rpath loader feature mostly forgotten about.

I have been using lsb 4. The loader --list feature is very good make statically linkedin binary trading to do in all install scripts this tells you straight away about a case of missing. Also you missed on older copies of windows having to install the complier runtime or the program don't run.

Basically my install detect the run-time is missing then has a embedded correction. Windows to you would notice more of a issue with runtime being required. Yes it a common error on windows person built with a newer MS complier and expects the MS runtime installed on every machine for that complier when it might not be. Basically a little bit of installer script make statically linkedin binary trading and you have a portable application built with gcc 4.

So keeping the updates to the complier. You would have only replaced the libc part of the glibc package. If you need to ship libc you must ship matching loader.

Yes you can get around this with patchelf to point the executable to where make statically linkedin binary trading installed the glibc compatible loader to the glibc you wish to use. Since it don't replicate on to effect other programs. I guess you did not know that the loader could inform you about missing libraries. I call it the biggest make statically linkedin binary trading about making a portable binary not having your install system check if all the dependencies are there by loader.

All the tech I am talking about is pre package management tech. Ways to solve this problem is old. Problem is no one has written good documentation using the old techs. Its a step by step method. Use a static binary to check. Existence of libraries by loader for install gui if you have a install gui Existence of require libraries by loader.

Have patchelf or equal static built to correct loaders and set rpath on binaries. Use patchelf or equal to correct install information as required. Finally don't be afraid to error out with a down right clear message about any missing critical libraries.

Fairly straight forwards universal install script really. My binary compat notes: I've been doing a lot of research on this subject, more for reasons of backward compatibilty than portabilty.

You have very succinctly described some of the difficulties in this area. Just wish there were more solutions. I've considered building with another compiler that doesn't have as many issues with distributing the runtime environment c make statically linkedin binary trading.

Some of the compilers I looked make statically linkedin binary trading were tcc and OpenWatcom. Thanks for the information on lsb. That was also on my list of possible options too. One could use other C libraries with gcc that are better at statically linking, possibly eglibc. The Stali project mentions static linking and using C libraries like bionic BSD licensedbut it doesn't sound ready for general use yet.

Make statically linkedin binary trading uses something like a virtual file system and includes all the dependencies in a make statically linkedin binary trading. If you come up with any further information or ideas make statically linkedin binary trading this topic, I would love to hear about it.

I can build applications on Windows and use make statically linkedin binary trading several years later. It would be nice to be able to do the same on Linux and not continually have to recompile multiple programs from source code after major libraries change.

Make statically linkedin binary trading autopackage project had solutions for some of these problems. They did things like have a wrapper around gcc that included a special header to avoid depending on newer glibc symbols. I'd love to use dietlibc, but it's GPL and make statically linkedin binary trading licensing terms e.

I've also tried to use dietlibc it also wraps gcc, you invoke it like diet gcc but it won't work with all sources, just with the ones which didn't use too much of glibc. I'd like to hear more experiences How I run my business selling software to Americans Here's what you can do to get the most out of your business in Canada if all of your revenue comes in US dollars.

Here's how you can fix it. Why don't web browsers do this? Why don't web pages start as fast as this make statically linkedin binary trading from ? Drawing Graphs with Physics To my surprise, I found that there is a very simple way to arrange graphs that can be expressed in only a few lines of code, using force-directed placement D's and grad students are choosing to study pornography. Techniques for the analysis of "objectionable images" are gaining increased attention and grant money from governments and research institutions around the world, as well as Google.

But what, exactly, does computer science have to do with porn? In the name of academic persuit, let's roll up our sleeves and plunge deeply into this often hidden area that lies between the covers of top-shelf research journals. It doesn't work," my wife told me. The Curious Complexity of Being Turned On In software, the simplest things can turn into a nightmare, especially at a large company.

Building a better rhyming dictionary Back inI created a rhyming engine based on the public domain Moby pronouncing dictionary. It simply reads the dictionary and looks make statically linkedin binary trading rhyming words by comparing the suffix of the words' pronunciations. Since that time, I have made some improvements. Coding tips they don't teach you in school Some time-saving shortcuts for C code that will make your coworkers scream.

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