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Increase exposure, mitigate risk, and uncouple your trades from market direction. Options enable you to profit from opciones de acciones de que es as well as rising prices. DIF offers clear, intuitive online options trading on our platforms.

With competitive, volume-based pricing and no hidden costs. You can use stocks and bonds as collateral for your options trades, all from one account. To help you get started or brush up on options strategies, you may access our training modules, webinars and in-house expertise at no cost. Our opciones de acciones de que es platforms are opciones de acciones de que es, intuitive and simple.

Investors are empowered by our unparalleled combination of advanced tech and powerful trading tools. Our technology is secure, robust, and available. Access everything with a single DIF ID and benefit from the highest standards of data protection in the industry. Opciones de acciones de que es some of the most liquid options on stocks and stock indices throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

And you have a wealth of in-house and third-party expertise and information. Use Equity Options to lock in your equity gains, protect your portfolio in declining markets and play volatility around earnings. Or use them as building blocks to position yourself effectively in up, down and sideways markets. Below you can read about three of the many exciting Equity Options strategies you can execute to play the markets and maximise your profit potential.

This strategy would be used if you wanted to hedge your portfolio of stocks to protect it against a short-term downside of the market. You can use this strategy to enhance your stock portfolio. Earn a premium writing Calls while enjoying the benefits of the underlying stock ownership. By buying Straddles, you can take advantage of the unpredictability of the stock price gap movement following quarterly earnings reports. Volume based pricing means you pay less as you trade more.

But whatever your trading style, you can be certain that our prices are always transparent. At DIF, you know what it will cost you before you trade.

A practical example Via a simple analogy we explain how options work - how the trade could play out and the implications.

What are Stock Options? Stock Options are a by product - or derivative - of stocks. We introduce the basics, the risks and the benefits. Making money on a buy A simple illustration of how you'd make money when you'd purchased an option.

Where and how are they traded? Stock Options are listed on exchanges around the world and are accessed via a broker. Their 'standardized' nature of Stock Options means consistency and clarity. Use stock options to calibrate your portfolio Increase exposure, mitigate risk, and uncouple your trades from market direction. Powerful technology Our trading platforms are fast, intuitive and simple. Reliability Our technology is secure, robust, and available. Ongoing support Have questions? Wide access Trade some of the most liquid options on stocks and stock indices throughout the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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