Introduction to Trading Gold & Silver

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Interested in silver trading and you don't know where to start? Already trading silver and looking for some insightful tips? This page is about trading silver on trade silver, aka: FX, the global foreign exchange market trade silver trading currencies, silver and gold. The silver market is volatile! After trading silver myself and watching the daily and seasonal rhythms for years I have some silver trading tips for you below. If you want REAL exposure to silver, the safest, surest way is to buy physical silver coins and bars.

You work hard for your money, so fully educate yourself before 'going live'. Easy on the leverage! Trade silver professionals trade silver very low leverage; trade silver Anything more and you could lose a lot of money, very fast. You do not physically own the silver you tradenor can you redeem profits in silver. It's a digital market in your base currency. The word on the street is that times more silver is traded online than actually exists.

The spot silver price of the silver market is volatile, eruptive, unstable, explosive to both the upside and downside. Volatility is your friend. When harnessed properly it can make you some nice profits. Listen to the news, but ignore every word of it. Get out at the end of big short term spikes and jump in when it reverses. Wait for the right conditions to trade silver a trade or do not trade.

The Asian trading session trade silver usually light on volume and price action. For commodities trading silver the market is open 5 days trade silver week. If you wish to keep a trade open over the trade silver their is a small surcharge. Especially as of lately, with global financial turmoils growing, during the last hours trade silver the Friday trading session the silver price has been rising.

Silver is seen as both a safe haven and insurance, so traders are often putting funds into a safety net to ride out the weekend. Take the natural path of least resistance. Feel the flow, 'The trend is your friend'. This is very true with folks in the silver market.

From May to the end of August the spot silver price is often range bound. Then in September it broke through the Before opening an online silver trading account, fully research the broker trade silver are considering. And check out their silver and gold trade silver forum here. Open a "demo" account before a "trade for real" online silver trading account. Almost all forex providers allow you to trade on their live platform with "play money" or "vitual dollars".

This gives trade silver a chance trade silver make lots trade silver mistakes with no losses while you get comfortable with their system. I began silver trading with eToro. This platform is excellent for beginners and offers a free demo account with 10, virtual USD.

Make sure you can quickly and easily withdraw your profits. I have all too often heard traders complaining about the problems they encounter while trade silver money from their account. After you 'go live' I very strongly suggest you withdraw some funds from your account to know that your broker is trustworthy.

Trade Gold and Silver with eTorothe most user friendly trading platform! Five minute charts are more relaxed. One minute charts can be harmful. This is not uncommon:

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